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If you are registered on My Pension you can generate retirement figures, update lump sum expression of wish nominations and your personal details.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for below or on our website, select ‘General Enquiry’ at the bottom of the page to contact us. Please allow up to 20 days to receive a response.

I’m thinking of claiming my pension, how do I do this and where can I get my figures from?

Contributing member (still paying into GMPF)

If you are registered for My Pension you can generate estimated figures using our online calculator. If you would like to receive a quotation of your benefits, please contact your employer who can normally provide these for you. For more detail, including timescales, please read the Retirement process area of our website. There are also some useful hints and tips on our Planning your retirement page.

Benefits on hold (No longer contributing into GMPF)

If you are registered for My Pension you can generate figures using our online calculator and then request an offer of your benefits. If you haven’t yet registered for My Pension and would like a written offer of your benefits, please  contact us using the ‘General enquiry’ option below letting us know your proposed date.

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Can I take my lump sum on its own, or take some of my pension?

The Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) works a little different to other types of pensions. You must normally take all your benefits together, which means you can’t take a lump sum, or take a part of your pension at different times. When you take all your benefits you can exchange some pension for a bigger tax free lump sum, once registered for My Pension you can view what your maximum amount is.

Please watch our video called ‘How do pensions and the LGPS work’ for an overview.

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Can I transfer benefits in or out of GMPF?

Transferring benefits in

To transfer or combine benefits, you must be paying into GMPF and must normally ask within 12 months of joining. We will normally accept transfers from:

  • other public sector pension schemes
  • other LGPS pension funds.

We do not accept transfers from private sector schemes or personal pension plans. Please read our Joining, transferring or combining benefits page for further information.

Transferring benefits out

You may be able to transfer your benefits to a registered pension scheme if you leave the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) and you have been paying in for at least three months. A transfer value can be requested through My Pension.

For more information please read our ‘What my choices on leaving’ page.

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Can I pay extra to top up my pension or lump sum?

Yes, if you’re contributing to the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) you can top up your benefits in two ways – additional pension contributions (APCs) and additional voluntary contributions (AVCs). For more information, and to view our comparison table, please visit our ‘Topping Up’ page.

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Paper communications

We send communications to all our members through the My Pension system, here you can view your annual statements and if you’re a pensioner member you can view your P60s and historic payslips.

If you would like to receive communications in the post, we ask that you send a request in writing to the address at the bottom of our webpage. If you’re one of our pensioner members, please note that the only document we send out is your annual P60.

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