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Who we share your details with

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From time to time we will share your personal data with outside organisations - in many cases this is so they can process your personal data on our behalf, based on our instructions. Organisations which do this are called data processors, and they are just as responsible for keeping your data safe. Here are some examples:

  • We use a mailing house called Adare to post out letters and newsletters on our behalf. They also process detailed benefit information to create things like annual pension statements and P60s for pensioners.
  • We use Western Union to pay overseas pensions in the local currency, if requested by the member.
  • Hymans Robertson is our actuary. Their main role is to decide how much money we need to pay benefits, and to decide how much employers must pay in. So they need to see information about your pay and membership, but not details of any nomination you have made.
  • If one of our members is blind and requests information in a special format such as Braille, we will use RNIB to convert it for us. This may include full details of the member and their benefits, depending on the document requested.
  • If we get a request to translate a foreign document into English (for example a death certificate for a pensioner living overseas) we will use Languageline to do this. We may also send them documents to be translated into foreign languages, and this may include full details of the member and their benefits, depending on the document requested.
  • In the cases where we have to recharge your previous employer with the cost of part of your pension, we will periodically provide the employer with your name, the amounts involved and (if required) your age. In cases where the employer no longer has the responsibility for reimbursing us, we will provide these details to the organisation that has taken over that responsibility.

We may also share your data for the purpose of cross checking records with other public bodies, or for the prevention of fraud...

  • We use the Faraday Tracing Bureau to run a monthly check against the General Register Office's records to check for pensioners who may have died without us being informed.
  • We take part in something called the National Fraud Initiative. This cross checks the records from pension schemes and bodies like the DWP, to increase the chance of them all finding out when someone dies.
  • We take part in something called the LGPS National Insurance database: this is a way of sharing member information with other LGPS funds to make sure we don't double up when paying a lump sum when a member dies.
  • Courts of England & Wales: if one of our members is involved in a divorce case we have to provide information about their benefits to the Court, or their solicitor.

Please rest assured, whoever we share your details with, we will only share the parts of your member records that are needed for that purpose.

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