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We automatically provide all active members with an annual Pension Statement each year.

The statement gives estimated values of your current benefits to 31st March, your benefits to normal pension age and the current death benefits payable. This information is sufficient for most people's needs, but if you need a one off estimate you can fill in an online request, and we will send one to you.

More information about your annual pension statement

Requesting a one off statement

  • As a member, you are entitled to ask for one estimate of benefits in any 12 month period. However, if you are some time off retirement, please refer to your annual Pension Statement for an idea of what you might expect to receive in the future, and request an estimate from your employer or us near the time you are considering retirement.
  • We can provide you with an estimate but your employer is often in a better position to do this, as they hold up to date details of the information we need to calculate benefits - in particular, your pay. Your employer will also be able to tell you what their early retirement and flexible retirement policies are. For this reason, we recommend that members who are approaching age 55 or over and who intend to retire should contact their employer for an estimate in the first instance.
  • The estimate we will post to you will usually be based on your pay for the year ending 31 March, unless it is a request for full disclosure. Please note it is for guidance only, as we will calculate the exact amounts of your benefits when you leave.
  • We need to calculate benefits up to a given retirement date, so we will ask you for this. If you don’t provide one, we will calculate benefits up to the date of your estimate request (or the date you qualify for an unreduced pension if later).
  • Please do not ask for an estimate for a mortgage application or to provide details to a financial advisor - your annual Pension Statement should be adequate for this purpose.

Ways of retiring

There are different ways that members retire, and the reason for your retirement will have an impact on your benefits. Please read the notes below before completing your request, to make sure you choose the right option on the form:

Retiring from 55-59, at your own choice

Since April 2014, members can retire voluntarily from age 55 onwards without the consent of their employer. Members retiring in this way normally have no '85 rule protection' from early retirement reductions. Your employer can 'switch the 85 rule protection back on' or waive reductions, but this incurs a cost to them so is not guaranteed.

Retiring from age 60, at your own choice

You may face early retirement reductions if you retire from age 60, as you will be drawing your pension before your normal pension age. However, for some members who have long service, they may have some '85 rule protection'. Your employer can waive early retirement reductions, but this incurs a cost to them so is not guaranteed.

Ill health retirement

We are unable to provide any estimates for ill health retirement because your employer will need to refer your case to an approved doctor, and there are 3 tiers of ill health retirement. So if you need an ill health estimate, you will need to contact your employer.

Redundancy/interests of efficiency

From age 55, members retiring on the grounds of redundancy or efficiency will suffer no reductions for retiring before the normal retirement age. Your employer will be aware whether any such exercises are in the pipeline and if you qualify for a redundancy or interest of efficiency retirement, they should provide you with an estimate.

Flexible retirement

From age 55, members can apply for flexible retirement but this is an employer discretion - in other words it’s only available if your employer agrees to it. Each employer has their own flexible retirement policy. If you wish to enquire about flexible retirement you will need to speak to your employer direct and request an estimate from them.

Full disclosure request

This is a full estimate, as explained in the Disclosure of Information Regulations. If you need this type of estimate, we will need to check your current pay with your employer, before we can process your request.

Personal Statement Request Form

We send out annual deferred statements for members who have left the scheme in May

The annual statements for active members currently paying into the scheme are sent out in August.

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