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If your request is required for matrimonial purposes please use the Divorce Proceedings CETV Request form below.

Divorce Proceedings CETV Request Link to Adobe PDF Document

A Cash Equivalent Transfer Value (CETV) is calculated using actuarial factors to produce an amount known as a transfer value which, if invested at current interest rates, would realise enough at retirement age to pay the member’s benefits for their own and the spouse's / civil partner's lifetime.

Who can request a CETV?

If you are no longer an active member of Greater Manchester Pension Fund (GMPF), we will provide a statement of entitlement to a CETV on receipt of your request. This figure will be guaranteed for three months. If we then receive your request to pay a transfer to your new provider within three months of the calculation date, this is the amount we will pay.

We will pay a revised amount if your request for payment is received outside the guarantee period. You can ask to transfer your benefits to a new employer's scheme or a personal pension plan and we will provide the relevant paperwork when we send the CETV.

A cash equivalent transfer value is not available to you while you remain an active member of GMPF. However, we will provide an estimate of the cash equivalent transfer value of your membership to date. A financial adviser may ask for this figure if you are having a financial review.

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Please note that a transfer value request for purposes of a divorce cannot be made using this form. Please see our page about when a marriage or civil partnership breaks down.

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