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More information about transfers

There are 5 types of pension transfers out of GMPF:

  • Aggregation (Internal transfers and concurrent transfers) within GMPF
  • Interfunds - to other LGPS funds in England and Wales
  • To a public service pension scheme (a club scheme)
  • To a non-public service pension scheme in the UK
  • To an overseas pension scheme

If you wish to transfer we will need:

  • Your request for a transfer by online form, letter or phone call
  • Your original birth certificate or passport
  • Your original marriage certificate if you were in the LGPS before 06/04/1988 or have added years
  • The name of your new scheme
  • The date you started in your new scheme
  • If a third party makes the request on your behalf, we will require your written authority. Please note transfer packs for a deferred member are only sent directly to the member.
  • We may also require other information such as a GMP figure from HMRC or leaver documents from your previous employer

Key points to consider for transfers to non LGPS transfers:

  • A transfer can only be paid to a HMRC approved scheme
  • Please note if we have not paid a transfer recently to your new scheme, there could be a delay whilst we wait for HMRC to confirm your scheme is approved
  • If your transfer value is over £30,000, you may need to take financial advice
  • To be entitled to a transfer to another scheme you must:
    • elect at least 1 year before NPA
    • not be retiring due to ill health, redundancy or efficiency
    • not be in receipt of a LGPS (England and Wales) pension
    • not be active in the LGPS (England and Wales)

We can only pay a transfer to a non LGPS scheme if:

  • We have received confirmation form HMRC that your new scheme is approved
  • We have a completed Member's Transfer Request Form clearly showing the receiving scheme name word for word as it is registered with HMRC
  • We have a completed discharge form completed by the receiving scheme clearly showing the receiving scheme name word for word as it is registered with HMRC
  • We have confirmation financial advice has been taken if the transfer value is over £30,000 and you are transferring to an arrangement offering flexible benefits
  • All the key points (Key points to consider for transfers to non LGPS transfers) above have been met
  • If the transfer is to an overseas scheme we will also need a signed statement of benefits, a completed CA1890 form, a life time allowance declaration form, a HMRC declaration form and Proof of residency (if necessary)
  • Please be aware that a 25% overseas transfer charge applies to some overseas pension transfers
  • For more information about the overseas transfer charge please see the LGPS Scheme Administrator Factsheet - Overseas Transfer Charge Link to Adobe PDF document Link to external website.

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