Annual Benefit Statement - Survey

Are you a contributing member or a member with benefits on hold? Do you understand your annual benefit statement?

As a contributing member or a member with benefits on hold, you can view your annual benefit statement (ABS) each year through your My Pension account which provides details of your GMPF retirement benefits.

We would like your input to help with our preparations for the 2021 ABS. Do you think previous ABSs have been too lengthy? Are they too complex to understand? Is it hard to find the information that you are really interested in reading? If you have thoughts on what information we present you with and how it is presented, we would like to hear from you.

We want to develop an ABS that is tailored towards you. Regardless of whether you are approaching retirement or are making your first contributions to the fund, we want to provide you with the information and answers that you need to understand your pension and make informative decisions.

You can provide feedback to us by completing this short online survey.

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