Contributing members annual statements 2020

Your 2020 contributing members annual benefit statement will be available to view on your My Pension account by the end of August. We have already started uploading statements to My Pension, so if you have registered you may have already received an email from us letting you know it is there. If you have elected for paper communications, you will also receive a paper statement through the post by 31 August. 

Your annual benefits statement contains:

  • the current and projected value of your pension at your normal pension age
  • information on your retirement date
  • your maximum lump sum package
  • details of your death in service benefits.

To view your annual statement, click on the ‘annual benefit statement’ link in the My Documents section on your My Pension account homepage. 

To register your account visit My Pension and click on 'Activate your account'. You can then activate your account using your activation key, or if you do not have an activiation key, click on 'Sign up for a My Pension account' to request one to be sent to you.

For more information about planning for retirement, please view the section on our website, planning your retirement.

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