Do you have benefits with GMPF

If you think you previously contributed to the Greater Manchester Pension Fund (GMPF) we can check whether you have benefits with us.

There may be several reasons why we do not hold any pension benefits for you, please use the checklist below before submitting your request:

  • If you were part time before April 1987, you weren’t eligible to join the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS).
  • From 6 April 1988, you must have had two years membership to be entitled to pension benefits. Prior to 5 April 1988, the qualifying period was five years. If you didn’t meet the qualifying period, you may have opted for a refund of your contributions or transferred your benefits elsewhere.
  • Depending on where you were employed at the time, the pension scheme you were a member of may not have been GMPF. For example, if you worked in a school you may have been a member of the Teachers’ Pension Scheme.

If after checking the points above you still feel you may have benefits with GMPF please complete the form below .

Personal Details

Contact Details

Previous Employer Details

Further Details

This could include a payslip or statement information


Please check all your information is correct before submitting the form. 

If upon submitting the form an error appears, when you correct the error and resubmit the form, the error will still show and you will not see confirmation of submission. However, providing there are now no errors, your form will have submitted. 

If you would prefer confirmation the form has been submitted we recommend refreshing the page and completing the form again, ensuring the error does not reoccur. Your comments can be copied and pasted to avoid having to retype them. We apologise for this error and are working to correct it.

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