GMPF update<strong>Pension Scams</strong> - If you are contacted out of the blue regarding claiming or transferring your GMPF pension then please be aware this could be a scam. We will never contact you by text. If you have any doubts please contact us, or view the <u><a href="">Financial Conduct Authority</a></u> guidance.<br /> &nbsp;

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Greater Manchester Pension Fund provides valuable pensions and benefits to over 414,000 members.

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About Us

GMPF in numbers

GMPF is the largest fund in the Local
Government Pension Scheme

Eleventh biggest defined
benefit pension fund in the UK

Over 414,000
pension accounts

Over 600

Pays over £880 million
of benefits each year

Employs almost 200 people
to look after members' pensions

Where we invest

We invest the contributions that members and employers pay into GMPF with an aim of making it grow. This helps fund pensions both now and in the future

With the help of advisers, we carefully choose where we invest and think about:

  • the financial returns
  • the risks attached to an investment
  • the balance between the different types of investment we hold
  • the environmental and social impact
  • whether those running the company we are investing are doing a good job

We want to invest responsibly so we have also committed to our investments having net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

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GMPF invests responsibly

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