You said, so we did

Your feedback has helped us to make improvements. Here are some of the things you've said together with the changes we've made. 

You said... 

Can you put dates on the news items so we know when a new one has been added. 

So we...Calendar

Have now started to add dates to any new articles and to any updated articles in the News section of the website.

You said... 

Can you tell us what the password rules are when we are trying to log in to My Pension.

ComputerSo we...

Added a pop up box that appears when you click on the password field to log in to your online My Pension account. This pop up box gives you the rules for your password including how long it should be and what characters it should include.

You said... 

Can you provide an approx date for when my current year P60 will be ready to view. 

So we...Piggy bank

Added guidance on when your P60 will be available in relation to your April paydate to the P60 area of your My Pension account.

Guidance is also available on the P60 certificate page on our website. 

You said... 

I was having trouble uploading information you had asked for. 

So we...

Have updated our 'Support with my online account' page on our website, so as well as written instructions, we also have videos to help you with downloading and uploading forms and documents in your My Pension online account.  

Updated February 2024

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