Policies, reports and statements

Policies, reports and statements

Greater Manchester Pension Funds (GMPF's) policies, reports and statement in one place.

Valuation report

GMPF’s latest fund valuation report 2019.

Annual report and accounts

GMPF’s latest annual report and accounts 2019.

Core Belief Statement

This statement sets out GMPF’s key investment beliefs.

Investment Strategy Statement

This statement outlines the broad investment principles that govern GMPF’s investment policy.

Administering authority discretions

This document confirms how GMPF intends to exercise its discretions. 

Communications Policy

This document sets out how GMPF communicates and engages with its key stakeholders.

Communications and engagement strategy

This strategy sets out GMPF’s plans for improving and developing the communication and engagement activities it carries out.

Pensions Administration Strategy

This strategy supports GMPF and its employers to deliver on their responsibilities under the LGPS regulations.

Funding Strategy Statement

Funding Strategy Statement 2020. This statement sets out GMPF’s approach to funding pension liabilities. A copy of our previous funding strategy statement is also available.

Governance Compliance Statement

This statement confirms how GMPF meets the governance requirements.

Governance Policy

This policy provides key information about how GMPF is run.

Responsible investment policy

This policy sets out GMPF’s approach to responsible investment and details how the policy is implemented.

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