Change your personal details

It’s important that you let us know if any of your details change.

If you are already in receipt of your pension and want to tell us you have changed your bank details please read our section on 'Pensions in payment

Change of address and/or email

You can change your postal and email address by logging into your My Pension account. 

Alternatively, you can complete the online form to change your postal address only.

Change of name

If you are currently contributing to your pension or you have benefits on hold

You can contact us to update your name through our online form. You can also contact our Customer Services team on 0161 301 7000. This information may have already been provided by your employer however it is always helpful for you to check this with us to keep your details up to date. You can check if your details have already been updated in your My Pension account.

Receiving your pension

If you are currently in receipt of your pension and change your name you should write to us. Please include a copy of the document that confirms your change of name, for example:

  • Marriage certificate
  • Divorce decree absolute
  • Deed poll

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