Governance arrangements

Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council (TMBC) delegates the day to day running of Greater Manchester Pension Fund (GMPF) to a committee called the Pension Fund Management Panel (referred to as the GMPF Management Panel). Members of this panel are not trustees as such, but they carry out a similar role, and so we often refer to them as trustees. 

The Advisory Panel and the Director of Pensions support the panel. The Management Panel and Advisory Panel meet in tandem four times a year. 

The panel set up three working groups that consider areas of GMPF’s work in more detail and make recommendations. These groups also meet four times a year and focus on:

  • Administration, employer funding and viability
  • Investment monitoring and ESG matters
  • Policy and development

GMPF has a local pension board. This board assists the GMPF Management Panel with compliance matters and helps ensure GMPF’s governance and administration is as effective and efficient as possible. The board maintains a register of interests which is published on an annual basis as part of GMPF’s annual report and accounts.

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